Ahmed Samy Gadalla


E-mail: Ahmed.samy.gadallah@hotmail.com

Nationality: Egyptian

Academic degree: Bachelor degree of aeronautical engineering

About Me: Aeronautical engineer and Racketeer Works as computer science teacher and enjoying it!

My job is to develop curriculums based on STEM education.

My Achievements:

- Participating in an international rocket competition “Intercollegiate Rocketry Engineering Competition” in USA. 82 teams participated in this year competition from 7 countries. 55 teams reaches the launching phase we achieved 33th rank of 82th at the 1st participation of my team and my Institute.

- coaching teams through Vex robotics competition In 2017 we were ranked 6th in Egyptian. Competition In 2018 we were ranked 1st in Egyptian competition and we represented Egypt in VEX world competition in USA.

- based on my studies I developed a curriculum were I teach students about aviation with more simple and interesting way.

My Objectives:

Is to provide a way for my students to connect science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to allow them in the future to be creative and successful in whatever path they choose in their life.