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What Students say about AFAK International School :

Mais Ehab

Hello, Afak American school is one of the best schools I have ever joined, and the teachers are so nice and kind as well as the students. The school is so organized and we have fun in learning and you never feel bored while learning.

Ruba Alshawesh

Afak is the best school, They teach me how to speak English very well. and I can do many activities with my awesome teachers 👩‍🏫

Edziri Elmenfi

The American School of Afak Academy is the best place for learning and spending good times. The stuff are enthusiastic about teaching, which helps in providing the best atmosphere for learning while having fun that students are looking for.

Joud Thabit

American AFAK Academy is the best school that I joined.I thank all the teachers who make their efforts to advance the school to the best levels, to be an excellent environment for us to be able to learn English and Science well.


My school is the bestThe teachers, principal, and the staff It might seem like any other school But to me, it seems like a wonder!

Lojen Magdi

At my school, we get together as one family, exchanging ideas and thoughts, enjoying our time and waiting for the time of starting each class, to satisfy our hunger for new pieces of knowledge. I feel that my school is the best among all schools.

Fatima Bensaud

It is the best school and it has many activities and competitions, and it has a nice teachers.

Yadr Tarek

I love Afak School because it teaches you how to speak English and it never makes you feel bored.

Nour Ayman

Afak American School is the best choice since I was looking for one, their teachers, the way they teach me, I am so happy and satisfied with it.

Seraj Magdi

l proud to be a student at this School, as it is really my second home, Every day I get delighted to see my teachers doing all they can to teach us. our school administration works hard every day to make sure that we are all happy and comfortable.

Maha Bensaud

Hi, The American school is the best school I'd joined, It has many activities and competitions, and you never get bored with learning, and it has the best teachers. It is the first time that I join to English school, and when I joined I learned English.