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What parents say about AFAK International School :

Mahmoud Ali Saied

We really proud of Afak school for all the professionality and high ability that shown in term of objectives delivery and keeping the chain of communications on specailly with the prompt positive feedback of shool managements in regards of students.

Malak Albakkoush

I am very happy and lucky that my children attended a school and teachers like you. I noticed a rapid change in the level of my daughter, thanks to the excellent teaching staff. I hope that communication with the parents will be more effective.

Wesam Salem Zanbil

I am very proud of the giving method and the attention of the administrative staff and teachers .. I hope that you focus on the weakness of each student and address it with sincere thanks

Rashed Ben Dardaf

Thank you for your interest in the educational level of our children, and we wish you more giving and shine👏👏

Hanadi Fouzi Alburass

Hi, american school of afak academy The school and teaching staff are more than wonderful, your effort is very beautiful,And I noticed the difference with my daughter, Masha'allah❤️And from the best to the best.

Abubaker BENSAUD

I think it's one of the best schools in Ankara

Abdur Razzak

Assalamualaikum, Present teaching system is excellent. I hope the present teaching and other activities system will be continue. Thank you all teachers and management persons.

Adel Ayad

There is no comment under the remote study