Our school is an elementary, middle and higher school which is accredited by the American International Accreditation Association. We offer a unique educational approach that builds the foundation for a lifetime of continuous learning. Our program:

• relies on curricula, textbooks, and resources from international publishing houses. 

• is based on the world’s first language, which is the English language. 

• has a group of distinguished teachers. 

• has small class sizes. 

• values the Arab societies’ and cross-cultural dimensions, therefore we incorporate Arabic and Islamic studies into the curriculum. 

“Because your child deserves the best, our school is their best choice” 

Parents' comments:

Mrs.Hanadi Fouzi 

Hi, american school of afak academy The school and teaching staff are more than wonderful, your effort is very beautiful,And I noticed the difference with my daughter, Masha'allah❤️

Mrs. Malak Albakkoush 

I am very happy and lucky that my children attended a school and teachers like you. I noticed a rapid change in the level of my daughter, thanks to the excellent teaching staff. I hope that communication with the parents will be more effective. 

Mr. Abubaker BENSAUD

I think it's one of the best schools in Ankara

Student comments:

Ruba Alshawesh

Afak is the best school.They teach me  how to speak English very well .I can do many activities with my awesome teachers 👩‍🏫 

Joud Thabit

American AFAK  School is the best school that I joined.I thank all the teachers who make their efforts to advance the school to the best levels, to be an excellent environment for us to be able to learn English and Science well.  

Seraj Magdi

l proud to be a student at this School, as it is really my second home,  Every day I get delighted to see my teachers doing all they can to teach us .our school administration works hard every day to make sure that we are all happy and comfortable.